How and Why I Keep My Mentors Updated

Through my many years in tech I've meet hundreds, if not thousands of amazing people at conferences, meetups, through introductions, serendipity or social media. Normally the process afterwards is to connect on a social network which usually is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or add the individual to your newsletter list, in many cases people can get lost in the networks and it's difficult to keep a track on each contact. Unless you use a CRM system to keep track of every contact which at times can create just more work for you. I'm currently using Contactually . It works well but can take up [...]

Guest Post: Facebook updates and changes are annoying, why change?

About Guest Author: Chris writes at all hours of the day and can't stop. He is a webmaster junkie and thrives on throwing bulks of information on the web.

Facebook has been changing so many things that I can even keep up. Just like everybody else I'm addicted to this social network called Facebook. As a webmaster though, I wonder why they are changing so many things. They have us all addicted in doing what we are already doing. We all knew how to do everything on Facebook and we liked it that way. Now the network keeps changing so much that I'm not sure I'm not even doing the right [...]

Blog Updates: Making your WordPress blog more Social

Usually on weekends I'm going through my email and trying to reach inbox zero before Monday morning but last night I decided needed a few updates. My primarily goals of updating was to make it faster, remove WordPress plugins I didn't need and add social engagement. While adding a few social engagement features I may not have reached my goal of speeding up the load time but I'm hoping WP Super Cache will handle the rest. Either way, here's what I done to to make it more social.

1. Wibiya toolbar

Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most [...]

Talk Social News episode 17# MC Hammer, on social media, the music industry & twitter. Need we say more?

There are a lot of fake celebrity accounts that get started on twitter, just ask Shaq (@THE_REAL_SHAQ) but if you get followed by an account called @MCHammer don't block him or think it's a fake account because it's the one and only MC Hammer ( . So what is Hammer doing on twitter, well you'll have to listen to the podcast for that, but we had the privilege to chat with the one and only Hammer himself about how long he's been blogging, his thoughts social media and the music industry, who introduced him to twitter and more.

If you're been wondering what Hammer has been [...]