TriOut version 2.0.2 with more awesome. Now supports Facebook Places Check-Ins

Guest Post by Lawrence Ingraham @lawpower, cofounder and lead developer of TriOut

The latest update to the TriOut iPhone app hit the App Store today. Version 2.0.2 brings some great performance enhancements and increased stability. I think we've fixed the Photo Upload bug once and for all.

Most importantly, we've integrated the new Facebook check in system within TriOut. In order to take advantage of this, you'll need to re-authenticate Facebook in the app to approve check in access. Just tap on Settings >> Facebook to approve. Then the next time you check in, select Facebook from the menu [...]

This week in location: @Foursquare dominates location-based services news, @Gowalla says it’s focused and more.

What a week for @Dens @naveen @tristanwalker and the @Foursquare team. From @Mashable and @CNN partnerships to securing another round of venture capital, last week Foursquare was on a roll. Over at camp @Gowalla they posted a lengthy blog post about their focus and World Cup badges. Team @TriOut launched a HTML5 check-in web app and @Standford is graduating with the @Loopt Star app. Also a few other location based services made some news this week along with a ton of blog post still debating the value of location-based services. Here's a list of location-based news from last week.

TLC + [...]

Presentation: Location Based Marketing in 2010

Today I spoke at the Triangle AMA Social Media Boot Camp about location based marketing. Below is my presentation which includes a definition of what I believe location based marketing is/should be. Take a look below.

Location based marketing is the interaction with customers by their location offering value based opportunities to increases customer loyalty and social sharing in which you can measure.

What are your thoughts on location based marketing?

TriOut launches HTML5 location-based check-in web app for Android and iPhone users plus API

Since TriOut launched the iPhone app back in December one of the most asked questions was when will TriOut have a native app for Android and other mobile platforms. While we haven't launched a native app yet, this past Thursday during the TriangleTweetup, TriOut founder Lawrence Ingraham @LawPower made two announcements bringing TriOut closer to having a native app for other platforms and helping TriOut Android users have a better experience.

The first announcement was the launch of the TriOut API. The API provides methods to interact with our system, pulling location information, [...]

Is the future of location-based services that great or should they sell, sell, sell?

Remember this scene from the movie Trading Places?

Yesterday Ben Parr co-editor at Mashable wrote an article called "Dear Foursquare: This Is Not the Right Time to Sell" in which he discusses the uncertainty of the location-based industry and recent rumors of Yahoo buying FourSquare for $125 million. It's an interesting argument to make if the Foursquare team decides to sell or work towards being the "next big thing" as they have been called by so many industry leaders. In the post Ben highlights 5 factors to consider should Foursquare decide to sell or not: Those factors were:

  • [...]

A location-based road trip to SXSW with TriOut badges, widgets and check-ins.

As some of you know I had the opportunity to attend SXSW Interactive, and participate in a great American Race style road trip/competition sponsored by Chevrolet. So while SXSWi was held in Austin, TX the road trip started for me from Atlanta, GA. For the road trip I traveled 3 other friends @TheRab, @Jakrose, @NikisNotes aka, Team NC. Chevrolet was a sponsor of SXSW and the hashtag we used while traveling was ChevySXSW.

As a location-based app fanboy and partner of a location-based service (TriOut) I was looking forward to not only checking in at various locations at SXSWi, but also [...]