Four landing page resources to increase website traffic and visitor signups

Did you hear about the "stealth" startup called Hipster that got 10,000 signups in two days? Yes, that's right 10,000 signups. While that is impressive you would think on the website there was a lot of marketing text but no. The only text on the website reads "Something cool is coming to "city location". and "Enter your email and we'll put you on our invite list." The text was simple, inviting users to signup and receive exclusive access to a site that no one really knew what Hipster was or did. The marketing behind the Hipster is what really makes a successful landing page along with [...]

9 offline lead generation tips for businesses exploring location based marketing

From TriOut to @Foursquare to @Whrrl to @Brightkite and Yelp, some businesses are struggling finding ways to promote their check-in specials and other location-based promotions. Even with the recent news of @Loopt reaching 4 million users, myTown with 2 million users and Foursquare just passing the 2 million user mark last week the main stream adoption of location based services still has a long way to go. Currently more businesses are using Facebook and Twitter for social media marketing but for businesses looking to cash in on the location check-in wave businesses may have to put a bigger [...]

Talk Social News Episode 13: Politics4All with Thomas Cook, find out how to help a reporter out along with twitip & everything twitter, while Linkedin started planning events

By now I'm sure you're aware of how social media played a role in electing our new president and the online community is a buzz about the future of social media in government and politics. This week on Talk Social News, we explore the future of social media and politics as we talk with Thomas Cook, cofounder of Politics4All. Politics4All is a socially-networked platform that allows citizens, candidates, citizens, and groups to connect and collaborate on every level of the political spectrum. (from

Take a listen as we discuss how President-Elect Barack Obama won [...]