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Four landing page resources to increase website traffic and visitor signups


Did you hear about the “stealth” startup called Hipster that got 10,000 signups in two days? Yes, that’s right 10,000 signups. While that is impressive you would think on the website there was a lot of marketing text but no. The only text on the website reads “Something cool is coming to “city location”. and “Enter your email and we’ll put you on our invite list.” The text was simple, inviting users to signup and receive exclusive access to a site that no one really knew what Hipster was or did. The marketing behind the Hipster is what really makes a successful landing page along with some Silicon Valley bubble hype.

Landing pages are essential to a startup’s success or any website that is promoting/selling a product and trying to get users to signup. While working on TriOut and Cover Tech News, I found a few landing pages resources. Here are four landing page resources to help you increase visitor engagement.

1. Landing Page Templates from Unbounce.

2. 5 Truly Awful Landing Pages You Won’t Believe are from Well-Known Companies from KISSMetrics

3. The Anatomy of a perfect landing page infographic from formstack
The Anatomy of a perfect landing page infographic

4. The 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program [Infographic]
The 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program [Infographic]