Podcast: The Social Geeks Episode 41 – On The Right Path

TheSocialGeeks Episode 41 - The Right Path

Join Caleb Elston, Robert Murray, Chris Miller and myself as we have great conversations around:

  • Facebook buys Gowalla.  What was the real purpose?
  • Is Path.com the new mobile app to beat?
  • If you have a whim to do something, Whim is the mobile app you need.
  • Are we too far ahead of the adoption curve of the normal user?
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Podcast: TheSocialGeeks Episode 36 – Hurry and load Skype for Windows

Join Chris MillerRobert MurrayJeff SmithCorvida and myself The topics are fast and furious as we cover:

  • Twitter buying Tweetdeck
  • Kindle tablet
  • Google Music in the cloud
  • Microsoft buying Skype
  • Google I/O announcements
  • AOL enters the video chat realm
  • Netflix for Android
  • Empire Avenue

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You can listen to the TheSocialGeeks here.

Podcast: TheSocialGeeks Episode 35 – Tungle, Delicious, Yobongo and Fring

The whole crew was in the house for this roundtable of TheSocialGeeks.  Join Chris MillerCaleb Elston,Sarah PerezJeff SmithCorvida and myself as we cover todays announcements:
  • The sale of Tungle to Research In Motion (RIM)
  • A brief jab at the BlackBerry Playbook
  • Caleb talks what it is like to launch Yobongo at SXSW and futures
  • The sale of Delicious to AVOS (the YouTube founders new corporation)
  • How to get divorced via SMS
  • Fring new 4-way video chat ability.  Look for a full Fring review on TheSocialNetworker.

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Podcast: TheSocialGeeks Episode 34 – Twitter clones, Photosharing apps and music on the cloud

What started as a short list went into great conversations around:

  • UberMedia and the Twitter clone
  • Photosharing application clones
  • What apps survived from SXSW
  • Music streaming services and cloud storage
  • and always more..

Join Chris Miller, Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb), and  myself in this ~52 minute roundtable.

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Podcast: TheSocialGeeks Episode 33 – #SXSW analysis live

The crew sits live at SXSW in the Austin Convention Center to give coverage, commentary and feedback of:

  • breakout apps of SXSW
  • group texting applications
  • what apps will survive and why
  • the state of SXSW
  • why we use specific apps
  • and always more..

Join Chris Miller, Paul Steel (LivingLifeBB), Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb), Louis Gray, Josh Catone (Mashable) and myself  in this ~30 minute roundtable.

You can see our links right here on Diigo with the show linkroll below.

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Podcast: The SocialGeeks Episode 30 – the great email wars

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to reunite with Caleb Elston and IdoNotes to record an episode of the TheSocialGeeks podcast. It's been a while since I've been able to join the team  but as always I had a blast. During the podcast we discussed some of the lasted trends in technology, startups and the social web.  You  can find articles on our topics by following our groups bookmarks on Diigo here. Here's a link to the show.

TheSocialGeeks: TheSocialGeeks Episode 30 - the great email wars.

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