Raleigh SEO discusses Content Strategy FTW

Last night I attended a SEO meetup in Raleigh, NC led by Phil Buckley (@1918). Some of Phil's notes were from Kristina Halvorson's book and presentations on content strategy. As the session was wrapping up I mentioned how I have live video stream Kristian's SXSW talk, so I decided to repost it. It's a great presenation for the experienced or beginner blogger or indiviuals repsonsible for creating a content stratgy for clients. Also for a recap of the SEO meetup read Stacey Alexander's (@Stacey_Alex) recap post Creating a Content Strategy for SEO.

Photo by Warren Parsons

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Talking The Future Of CoTweet with the founders at SXSW

Did you know there was a web based twitter app that allowed you to manage your twitter account? If not check out CoTweet.com CoTweet is not just about having multiple users tweet from one account but it's about managing your voice on twitter and saving you time to make sure you get the best value out of sending tweets and having productive conversations on twitter. We met the founders of CoTweet at SXSW and had a chance to talk to them about their product and challenges they face launching a twitter application. Take a look.