What’s Really Needed For Success and Growth?

Yesterday after working out I was thinking about what I want to accomplish in the next year and what behavior traits the mind needs for success and growth. I also was thinking about how to change cultures in various demographics such as low-income communities where the digital divide is very real along with other disparities.

I believe there are three behavior traits people need to be have. The first being having a mindset that they can learn anything. I'm not talking about just learning to code but anything from data science, to flying a plane to swimming. The second is a passion to [...]

Earn Startup Respect By Making Your First Million

Tonight while having dinner with friends/new business partners we enjoyed a vibrant conversation about career paths, choices in life, happiness and success. One part of the conversation that stood out to me was about founders earning their first million. The context was in terms of respect and what it means.

The phrase made me think about my life and accomplishments. I've done a lot of things but launching a company and having that one company to either make a million dollars or grow the user base to a million users is not one of them.... yet.

Further [...]

How to manage social media success like American Idol 2011 contestant Scotty McCreery

I'm not a huge American Idol viewer as a matter of fact I don't watch a lot of TV outside of V (now canceled), Smallville (series just ended), sports and news. But when a North Carolina native makes it on the big screen especially in a reality contest I try to tune in and support. This year for American Idol, Scotty McCreery from Garner, NC is one of the top three finalist. Scotty is the third North Carolina native that has made it to the top three joining Clay Aiken from Raleigh, NC and Fantasia Barrino from High Point, NC. As I stated in my Ignite Raleigh talk a few years ago "we own [...]

Does a Whole Foods outdoor Foursquare blackboard ad equal instant check-in success?

Photo by: dpstyles™

Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley @Dens posted a photo to his flickr stream of a Whole Foods location with a Foursquare blackboard outdoor ad/sign. The ad reads “Every 5th check-in receive a small scoop of house-made gelato from out gelato bar. Redeem offer (before it melts) at our gelato bar in our second floor cafe.” Is the idea of the ad ground breaking or new or the next level of “social media marketing” or location-based marketing? No, but it is smart. It’s smart that the owner/manager of the Whole Foods location understands that it takes an effort [...]