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How to manage social media success like American Idol 2011 contestant Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery I’m not a huge American Idol viewer as a matter of fact I don’t watch a lot of TV outside of V (now canceled), Smallville (series just ended), sports and news. But when a North Carolina native makes it on the big screen especially in a reality contest I try to tune in and support. This year for American Idol, Scotty McCreery from Garner, NC is one of the top three finalist. Scotty is the third North Carolina native that has made it to the top three joining Clay Aiken from Raleigh, NC and Fantasia Barrino from High Point, NC. As I stated in my Ignite Raleigh talk a few years ago “we own that show”. Regardless if Scotty is crowned the next American Idol he has won in so many ways already .

yall come out tmrrw for all the fun! Rain or shine it’s gonna be a great day! can’t wait to see yall at the parade and lake benson!Sat May 14 03:58:05 via Twitter for iPhone

This past Saturday Scotty returned from Idol headquarters to provide his Garner hometown fans with a concert. During his return Scotty signed a lot of autographs, put in a few miniutes at his old job at Lowes Food and gave a lot of hugs to screaming fans young and old. There even was a short but packed Scotty / Garner, NC parade. It was suppose to rain Saturday so I was staying in but decided to watch some of the Scotty mania on TV and check to see if any of my friends were tweeting from the event. Yes, Scotty’s concert was broadcasted live on WRAL and from Twitter I saw that @isellmoney and @lisasullivan were in attendance… I think. Also on twitter were a few Scotty McCreery hashtags to follow such as #Scottystock, #goscotty and #garnerNC. During “Scottystock” aka the live concert Scotty McCreery was surprised by country music star Josh Turner. Over all it was a great day for Scotty McCreery, American Idol and Garner, NC.

GARNER, NORTH CAROLINA! IM COMING HOME!Fri May 13 04:11:43 via Twitter for iPhone

While watching Scotty’s success going from a small hometown grocery store cashier to now national superstar it reminds me of how … wait for it… yes. It reminds me how some businesses can succeed in using social media. After a business/brand has use social media to gain new customers, get more followers/fans if that’s their goal or increase sales numbers how does a business manage the success? I’m glad you asked. Here are 10 ways you can manage your social media success like Scotty McCreery.

1. Be Humble

Scotty thanked everyone for voting him in to being one of the final three American Idol 2011 contestants.

yesterday was definitely thebest dayof my life! Big thanks to @joshturnermusic for comin out! now us idols are reunited n headin back to LA!Sun May 15 17:25:45 via Twitter for iPhone

2. Stick to what you’re good at

Scotty, did try a few songs outside of his natural element but he knows what he’s good at and doesn’t stray to far from it. After you find a winning formula build off of it but don’t forget what lead you to your success.

3. Act surprised when you meet the rock stars

I not 100% sold if Scotty knew Josh Turner was coming on stage or not but when you meet an experience veteran it’s good to show a little respect and try to think about way you can work together unless they call you a clown.

4. Thank Everyone

Scotty knows that without his fans he wouldn’t have made it to the final three. The same for your social media success. Every now and then you need to just say thanks to your blog readers, Facebook fans/likes, twitter followers and/or friends who share your content.

5. Give “free” Hugs

Everyone loves a good hug. We’ll almost everyone. Regardless you may not be able to give your social media supporters a free hug but you may have a group discount or a free product to over them for supporting you. Information is also considered valuable. Continue to provide good valuable content that lead to your success.

6. Work the media

When you have the media’s attention let them have full access. Let the media help you tell your story but always remember everyone is watching so be on your best behavior.
Scotty McCreery
photo via Idol chatter

7. It’s ok to cry

Showing a little emotion shows that you’re human and helps builds relationships.

8. Be awesome all the time

It’s hard but the phrase is called “being on” after you become successful everyone except the “haters” think you’re awesome. Always remember that. From that point on… be awesome all the time or at least do you best faking it.
Scotty McCreery

photo via Idol chatter

9. Live up to the hype

After you have some social media success the expectations bar has been lifted and the world is waiting to see what will you do next. I’m not sure how Scotty is going to preform this week but he has a lot of hype to live up to and I wish him well. Also think about this in terms of the Old Spice commercials, they were cool and funny at first but now I’m ready for something new.

10. Use the right tools

Scotty is active on Twitter sharing his experiences with his followers around the world. I think he is actually sending the tweets. I’m not sure if he’s using Facebook or other platforms but for him right now Twitter helps him share his story in real time and hopes help him win American Idol.

tmrrws the big night! I want to tweet all of you but I need sleep so I can give yall my best! #sweetdreamsWed May 11 05:42:06 via web

11. Keep it simple


Scotty from one NC guy to another good luck. You know you’re already a winner.

How do you manage your social media success?

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