seven days, seven needles and no tweets

To say the last seven days have been rough is an understatement but here it goes. If you have no clue to what I’m talking about then carry on with your digital life and have a great 2011. For the rest of you here’s my story.

Last Tuesday evening I was sitting at the dinner table around 8:30 P.M. and got an idea for a sarcastic blog post called “21 ways how to become a social media ninja rock star in 2011″ … Don’t ask. Maybe it wasn’t meant for me to publish that post last week as I was about 80% finished when I started to have a major headache and nausea feeling. I got up [...]

Facebook vs Twitter vs Friendfeed. Is Facebook doing to much & how are you using it?


There's been a lot talk about Facebook trying to copy Twitter lately with the new public profiles, instant updates and interface changes, but after taking a closer look, it's seems that Facebook is copying Friendfeed more than Twitter. For example, over the past few weeks Facebook has added "friendfeed-ish" like features such as:
1. "comment" and "like" to status updates
2.  group friend lists
3.  social network content feeds into status updates.


It's easy to compare Facebook to Twitter because of live status updates but Friendfeed has that too with its real-time [...]