Guest Post: Microsoft Socl: The Upcoming Social Network Project

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There was a murmur heard in the Microsoft camp a couple of weeks before about the social networking project being carried out by the company. Later these things embarked at a place called with a name Tulalip. The fact of the matter is that Tulalip happens to be a website which allows you everything right from getting any information to [...]

The Geosocial Universe 2.0 via JESS3™ – infographics

Geosocial is huge trend that continues to entertain us all. As we all know, things change incredibly quickly in the world of the internet, so we decided to update our infographic The Geosocial Universe a few months short of the one year anniversary of its first iteration


The Geosocial Universe Version 2

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via JESS3 Labs - The Geosocial Universe 2.0 | JESS3™.

The question and answers guide to Quora: How to get the best value out of Quora and look smart at the same time.

To say that Quora the questions and answers site is off to a good year is an understatement. Launched in June 2009 in private beta Quora has seen a massive growth in page views and user registration with many speculating how and why. Some give credit to Robert Scoble and the Scoble affect. Others to MG and the TechCrunch gang for consistently referencing Quora in blog post. All makes me wonder who has shares into Quora but that’s another post.

Regardless if you think Quora is valuable or not, bloggers, social media enthusiast, main stream media and brands are flocking to Quora trying [...]

infographic – The world map of Social Networks 2010 to show Facebook domination

The Vincos Blog posted an infographic of the World map by Social Networks use. It's an updated graphic from their 2009 version. The 2010 World map infographic clearly shows how Facebook is dominating social networking use. Coming in second and third for the United States is MySpace and Twitter.

For more information about social networks use across the world see

Do you think a new social network if launched today could gain as many users as Facebook? Do you think Google's rumored +1 Social platform will be as dominate as Facebook in the [...]