Tweetiator alerts you in real-time when people share links to your content on Twitter. Invites!

The Pitch alerts you in real time when people share links to your content on Twitter and lets you follow and message them

Link sharing analytics are easy to get if you are the sharer of a link (by using link shorteners like, and a bunch of others) but until Tweetiator were not available to the site owner. This is a very useful marketing tool because when people share your content, they are much more likely to respond to offers, promotions, and surveys.

To use Tweetiator, you download a little JavaScript and you can watch and interact with the people sharing links to [...]

A look at social media and the future of the film industry: Joshua, Napoleon, Hill & Jane Fonda

I’m sure by now you know how the music industry is doing and it’s need to embrace the internet for more direct one to one relationships between the artist and the customer.  But what about the film industry? How will the film industry use social media to market  movies and continue to sell out theaters.  Here’s a look at three examples of using social media, online video and the film industry.

I recently attended BarCampCharlotte and met Joshua J. Mills @JoshuaJMills who’s the founder of Filmblazer @filmblazer. Joshua will be starting the Two-week Turnaround Tour or T3, that’s [...]