The unofficial check-in guidelines for using location-based services

Location-based services continue to be the hot topic of the marketing and tech space. New location-based apps are launching weekly and existing location based apps are growing their user base faster than you can check-in into to @starbucks. But with everyone checking into to what everyone is called the next big thing I think it's time for some unofficial guidelines for checking in using a few of the popular location based services.

Below are a few guidelines for using  location-based services.

Adding locations:

  • Add real locations only
  • Add as much information about the location as [...]

The New Golden Rules of Twitter

Over the last few weekends I have attended and participated in two new / social media conferences. Both were educational, fun, included great speakers but also had a few "distraction" moments in some form of social engagements via Twitter or another similar tool. Regardless of the situation it seems that some people have forgotten that we are all human and have feelings too. In this era of using social media to have a "voice", be heard or social change, sometimes we don't need to be heard at the expense of individual feelings or in some cases people's careers.

When Twitter was first [...]

Social Networking Etiquette: The interview and questions. What would you do?

On Monday, I was interviewed by Fox News 8 ( Bob Buckly & Stewart Pittman @Lenslinger out of Greensboro, NC about Social Networking Etiquette. You can watch the entire interview and segment on social networking etiquette below.

We covered a lot of topics during the interview but Fox focused on a few questions.

  1. What should you do if you're boss want to add you as a friend on Facebook or any other social network?
  2. Have you ever been dumped on myspace or any other social network?
  3. What do you say when someone ask you, why are you tweeting or sharing your life using twitter or social [...]

The un-written rules of the web for bloggers and tweeple. Tips, comments & women. – episode 017

Today on Talk Social news we cover the the un-written rules of the web for bloggers and tweeple. If you're new to blogging or twitter this is a much watch. If you're a veteran, watch it also to see if we left anything off the list. If you disagree with us want to add more rules let us know in the comments.

The Video:

The podcast:
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