How brands can use Instagram and other mobile photo sharing applications today for customer engagement

The saying is a photo is worth a thousand words and if that is the case books are being published in popular mobile sharing applications such as Instagram, Path, picplz, Burstn, Treehouse and more. Stories and experiences are being shared by uploading photos and new mobile social networking communities are being formed. Yesterday I posted an overview of Instagram and how Instagram lands its first brand partner the National Geographic. While the popularity of mobile photo sharing apps seems to be growing, I believe we will see more brands use photo sharing applications as another tool to [...]

Will Instagram become the next big mobile social network or just one awesome photo sharing app?

Instagram features:
If you own an iPhone, like to take photos and share them with your friends or send to multiple social networks then Instagram may become your favorite iPhone application. If you want to share photos with 50 of your closest friends, then Path may be the iPhone photo sharing application of choice, or you may want to try Burstn or picplz. I’ll blog more about Path, Burstn and picplz later but back to Instagram. I would describe Instagram as a mix of flickr, Twitter,, Facebook and Foursquare all rolled into one with the context of content based around photos. The [...]