Palm Pre release fail, Facebook supports openid & cheaper iPhone data plans – episode 039

Today on Talk Social News: Kipp and Wayne talk about the palm pre release date, Facebook supporting OpenID and will AT&T and Apple have a $20.00 data plan.

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Recap of Facebook’s Technology Tasting event; OpenStreams API announcement. Plus How to sync Plaxo with Facebook screencast.

Today Mark Zuckerberg, Dave Morin and the Facebook team held a Technology Tasting to make a few announcements. Here's a list of the big news from Facebook.

1. Mark Zuckerberg, a short Facebook history lesson and the direction of Facebook.

2. Dave Mornin talks about Facebook OpenStreams news, developor access to api/mysql.

3. Chris Messina announces Facebook openness.

4. Plaxo team announces they are in a Facebook open relationship. You can use friend connect to sync and connect your Facebook data.
Screencast how to sync Plaxo & Facebook

5. Adobe Air Facebook Desktop App announcement.