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Recap of Facebook’s Technology Tasting event; OpenStreams API announcement. Plus How to sync Plaxo with Facebook screencast.

Today Mark Zuckerberg, Dave Morin and the Facebook team held a Technology Tasting to make a few announcements. Here’s a list of the big news from Facebook.

1. Mark Zuckerberg, a short Facebook history lesson and the direction of Facebook.

2. Dave Mornin talks about Facebook OpenStreams news, developor access to api/mysql.

3. Chris Messina announces Facebook openness.

4. Plaxo team announces they are in a Facebook open relationship. You can use friend connect to sync and connect your Facebook data.
Screencast how to sync Plaxo & Facebook

5. Adobe Air Facebook Desktop App announcement. You can get it here:

6. Seemic Desktop with Facebook demo from Loic You can get it here:

7. Microsoft Demo of accessing FaceBook photos from Windows 7 from Brian Goldfarb

8. What facebook is doing with Openid update from Luke Shepard. Use Facebook as your real world identity and openid accounts, coming soon.

9. Dave Recordan, from OpenID talking about how openid has evolved over the years.

10. Dave Mornin closes.

You can also watch video clips from the event here:

Basically Facebook is moving towards more openess and is opening the stream (your wall, status updates etc).

What do you think about the Facebook news today? Excited? Worried about your data? Is this a stab at Twitter? Blah? Let me know in the comments.

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