6 Mobile Apps and Email Newsletters For Entrepreneurs To Stay Current In Tech News

As a geek, nerd and entrepreneur I've been obsessed with tech. That also means I've also been obsessed with tech news. As a former Network Admin/IT guy I had the benefit of setting up web servers, databases and watching the birth of RSS (Really Simple Syndication). RSS Feeds were once the once lifeline of all blogs and tech news. RSS "news readers" were launched like mobile apps today and while successful at the time struggled to gain enough traction outside of the teach world. While a lot of RSS News Readers, had a slow death such as Google Reader. My Google Reader once categorized over 3100 [...]

11 Mobile Apps To Keep Entrepreneurs Mentally Stable and Healthy

as an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. You can be celebrating small success milestones one month and the next looking for customers. Some people even say you have to be a little crazy to be an entrepreneur as life is not always as glamorous as projected in tech media. Where it's easy to get caught up raising venture capital and the opportunity of success without considering the risk. Sadly for some entrepreneurs the risk can be your overall health mentally or physically.

As a "serial entrepreneur" and someone who has founded multiple incubators & programs for early stage startups I [...]