3 Slide In Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Twitter user @FashionistaChik asked me about those sometimes "pesky" but effective slide in WordPress plugins you see on many popular blogs. I recently was looking for one myself for SocialWayne.com and found three.

1. Slide In from Wpmudev
2. SimpleReach Slide
3. End of Page Slide Box

If you would like more control on what content to slide in then End Of Page Slide box is suggested. If [...]

Guest Post: Budgeting for social media: Who pays for it and why?

About Guest Author:

Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health and parenting. Beside this she is fond of eating. Recently an article on Nokia Lumia 800 attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Racing Games For Kids.

Have you ever come across deals like discount on purchase for a copy of a tweet or for liking a Facebook profile of a company? What could happen if you like Dell’s Facebook profile to Dell in reality? What is there for Coke to encourage Facebook profile? These are at the end of the day only intangible and [...]

7 recent QR Code marketing examples by major brands, music artist and publications

Sometimes I just chuckle and just shake my head when I see tweets or hear complaints and rants about how QR Codes suck, or don't use QR Codes for this or that and my personal favorite, NFC is better than QR Codes, especially when it comes from "thought leaders" or a super savvy "social media guys/gals". I chuckle because there's a huge educational curve for QR Codes to go main stream in the USA but they have taken off and proven valuable as when have seen over the years in Japan/China with all of their smart technology. Personally I think the biggest problem for some marketers is that no one [...]

Why wait two years for Mobile and Social sales? The question is are you ready?

Mobile, along with social and local, will be one of the largest drivers for Groupon’s deals business over the next few years.

Groupon VP Mobile Partnerships Michael Shim said: “Mobile is huge for Groupon…I believe we could see us doing 50 percent of deals sold/purchased in the next couple of years.”

via Groupon Sees Half of All Sales Coming From Mobile in Two Years | Tricia Duryee | eMoney | AllThingsD.