location-based applications – deals, check-ins and demographics – infographic

During the month of December I conducted a location-based marketing/applications survey from the readers of SocialWayne.com and The Location Based Marketing Association. My thanks to the 81 of you who responded to my LBS survey request going into the holidays. Here's the breakdown of your responses.

via SoicalWayne.com and The Location Based Marketing Association

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Other data not shown in the location infographic:

Favorite location-based marketing promotion of 2010:

Foursquare and [...]

Location-Based Marketing/Application Survey

2010 is coming to an end and if one technology predication lived up to the hype it was the adoption and growth of location-based applications. There were check-in specials, swarm badges and various brands starting to take location-based applications main stream.

What will 2011 hold for location-based services? Only time will tell but you can help determine the success of your favorite application and future marketing trends by filling out the location-based marketing / application survey below. Thank you!


7 Awesome Foursquare infographics showing how users are collecting badges and checking in.

Earlier this week I posted 9 location-based infographics showing how and why the mobile world is checking in, not including a series of Foursquare infographics I've seen around the web. Foursquare data and how people are using the platform ranges from how many checkins are created by various communities to what if President Obama used Foursquare. It seems people who love createing infographics love Foursquare too therefore I deiced to have a separate post for Foursquare infographics. If you're a data and/or Foursquare fanboy/lady here are seven awesome Foursquare infographics showing how [...]

A big marketing problem how the world view location-based apps and why it’s good for Foursquare

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If you’re a location-based service/platform/applications and launched before March 2009, I’m sure your shaking your head right now at all of the attention Foursquare has been receiving. But I would say that 90% of the attention has been positive for the entire location-based industry. Foursquare has brought a new sense of awareness and education to what is a location-based service and how one can be used for marketing, customer service, sales and more. Still if you’re Loopt which was founded in 2005, Gowalla founded in 2007, Whrrl founded in 2007 or [...]