Apple iPhone 4 @ Crabtree Valley Mall. Hello, iPhone. Good-bye, day.

Guest post by: @PennyMoxie

I told the guy who would be buying  my old phone that I would call him when I was out of the Apple store.  "What time do you think that will be", he asked.  I wanted to be CONSERVATIVE, so I replied, "about 9:00am.  I'm getting there at 6:45, so i can't imagine it will take that long."  I'm a first-class fool.

6:30am   I put my 5-year-old in the car and told her she was going with me to "pick-up my new iPhone" at the mall.  I figured she would get fidgety in the store, but we wouldn't be there that long.  At one point, while driving to Crabtree Valley [...]