New job board for employers and job seekers looking for the best talent and opportunities in web development, SEO and internet marketing

I've been wanting to launch a job board on for more than a year and today I'm pleased to announce that the SocialWayne Job board is now live. You can access the job board at The new job board is powered by JobThread which also powers job boards for other technology news and social media blogs such as ReadWriteWeb, Business Insider, VentureBeat and Marketing Pilgrim.

The cost for posting a job board is $50.00 for 30 days. Featured job posting cost an additional $20.00 but are highlighted and posted on too. Featured job board entries [...]

Infographic: ROI On Internet Marketing Services by Vertical Measures

Here's an interesting infographic by Vertical Measures about the ROI On Internet Marketing Services.

One of the most commonly asked questions in the Internet marketing industry has to do with return on investment. Some internet marketing services can be harder to track than others. While some forms (such as PPC) are easy to track in terms of clicks, costs, and revenue, other forms are more like traditional advertising where you’re taking the time to build a brand and online presence to create sales tomorrow.

Using our handy chart below, you can see all the various forms of return on [...]

The evolution of Twitter: from Tweetups to Conferences: 5 for 2009 and then some.

A few months ago I told some friends that I didn't want to be known as just a twitter guy. My reasoning was that I do more than just tweet. I understand how to use twitter for journalism, marketing community building, etc., but I also do social media marketing, online video shows, blog setup and event planning. (shameless plug) . Of course all of this was before twitter jumped the shark. This was before Oprah and Ashton Kutcher showed up, and before the mainstream news media organization started seeing the power of twitter.

As someone who has been on twitter since July 14, 2006 (Find [...]

5 things we hate about the internet! What do you hate about the WWW?

Today on Talk Social News we list 5 things we hate about the internet. After you watch or listen to our list, what do you hate about the internet? Let us know in the comments.

The video:

The podcast:
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