Social Media Conversations report from @CrimsonHexagon of the Duke vs UNC game Tweets

Here's the last report from the #Duke vs #UNC Social Media Challenge. This report is provided by Crimson Hexagon. Crimson Hexagon has a VoxTrot listening platform that provides companies with actionable insight into consumer opinion of their brand, product, or market." VoxTrot technology can identify opinion from large quantities of text, whether it's an in-house content repository or the vast blogosphere." -

Here are the results:

We knew ScoutLabs and Sysomos would provide plenty of data on volume. We wanted to tell you something new. We analyzed almost [...]

Talk Social News daily 004: Gmail & Google news coming today? Microsoft’s Lauren vs Apple’s Mitch, Palm Pre release date, Mark Cuban & NCAA tweets fail

Talk Social News daily 004: gmail turns 5, big news from google today? Microsoft commercial upset Apple fanboys, Palm Pre coming April 30th? NCAA tweets fail, Mark Cuban tweets are fined and more T-Shirt swag.

Today on Talk Social News we cover:

Gmail turns five and will we see the Gmail iPhone app released today from Google? Story
Laurn vs Mitch: the new Microsoft commercial upsets Apple fanboys. Why you can't buy a 17 inch MacBook from Apple. Story
Palm Pre coming April 30th? Story
NCAA tweets fail
Mark Cuban ( @mcuban )is fined by the NBA for his tweets about the game. Story
T-shirt [...]