Video: Digg version 4 coming soon: It’s like Friendfeed and Google Buzz, get your RSS feeds & profiles ready!

This past Friday, Digg's CEO Kevin Rose released a video showing some of the upcoming features of Digg. From the video Digg v4 looks like a winner but reminds me a little of FriendFeed and Google Buzz with the import RSS feature and follower your friends Digg's option. Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think in the comments.

For more on the new version of Digg see: Exclusive Video And Screenshots Of Digg Version 4

I've been on Digg since 2006 but haven't been a huge Digg users but I get the feeling that is about to change. You can find me on Digg here: [...]

And the winner is . . . Photo caption contest results

Yesterday, I held a caption contest for the photo below here on and I received over 35 comments (minus my own). Some were pretty funny and some were so not me. Even though I can see where they are coming from in the comments with the big "pimp" hat. To see all of the comments view the original post here: Caption contest! What was I thinking?

Wayne Sutton, Pimp, originally uploaded by Andy Ciordia.

The photo was taken at Social Fresh, a social media conference organized by Jason Keath in Charlotte, NC. Andy Ciordia @Ciordia9 snapped the photo but I can't remember what I [...]

FriendFeed the home for geeks, real-time news and the RSSCloud back channel

It's labor day and I thought things would be quiet online and in the world of FriendFeed. Boy was I wrong! Earlier today, I saw on FriendFeed first before any blog the news about the Spotify app available in the iTunes app store. Then if you follow any of the who's who on FriendFeed, I'm sure you have seen the whole RSS is dead, long live RSS back and forth between Steve Gillmor and Dave Winer. Months have gone by proclaiming RSS is dead but by watching Dave's Friendfeed post I knew he was up to something big and today it was announced; RSSCloud and the implementation of RSSCloud with [...]

TheSocialGeeks: FaceFriend or FriendBook? @idonotes @sarahintampa @louisgray @jeffisageek @corvida

I interrupt your regularly scheduled RSS consumption to bring to a) give you a break from feed reading, and b) notify you of an emergency podcasting that took place last night amongst TheSocialGeeks team.

Chris MillerSarah PerezCorvida RavenJeffisaGeekLouis Gray, and myself brainstormed over several important questions to consider pertaining to the news that gave early adopters a heart attack yesterday: Facebookacquired FriendFeed to the tune of a reported $50 million.

Listen below or via iTunes to Episode 19 of TheSocialGeeks: FaceFriend FeedBook.

This post was [...]

Friday Fix: Links from the blogosphere to help you “Get” FriendFeed

If you didn't know I'm a big fan of FriendFeed. I'm using their widget on my sidebar and have posted about FriendFeed in a few of my previous Friday Fix series. See: Seven FriendFeed Friends to Subscribe to, the ladies edition and Five FriendFeed Friends to Follow, I mean Subscribe to, the guys edition . Although Friendfeed has been around for a while, from time to time I'll still hear people say they don't get FriendFeed. If that's you take a look at the links below.

FriendFeed Still Reigns As Conversation King

Bring FriendFeed To Your Site with Sharing

Eight reasons I love FriendFeed


Friday Fix: Seven FriendFeed Friends to Subscribe to, the ladies edition

Last week I posted Friday Fix five guys to follow on FriendFeed and as promised with some help from my FriendFeed buddy Jeffisageek here's the ladies edition.

Wife, new mom, and FF superstar. Oh yeah, that's right.
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Just a geeky girl with a geeky job married to a geeky guy and mother to a geeky kid. What more could you ask for?

Friday Fix: Five FriendFeed Friends to Follow, I mean Subscribe to, the guys edition

TGIF everyone, this week's Friday Fix post is dedicated to FriendFeed and if you been listening to my podcast (Talk Social News) then you'll know that I'm becoming a big fan of the site and excited about it's future. But like most social networks when you create an account, add your avatar and then you start looking for a few friends to connect with. For FriendFeed I suggest the following guys below: Louis Gray, Rahsheen, Jeffisageek, Bwana and Robert Scoble, especailly if you're interested in technoogly, social media, online video, blogging, web 2.0 or just a geek who likes to stay current [...]