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It’s labor day and I thought things would be quiet online and in the world of FriendFeed. Boy was I wrong! Earlier today, I saw on FriendFeed first before any blog the news about the Spotify app available in the iTunes app store. Then if you follow any of the who’s who on FriendFeed, I’m sure you have seen the whole RSS is dead, long live RSS back and forth between Steve Gillmor and Dave Winer. Months have gone by proclaiming RSS is dead but by watching Dave’s Friendfeed post I knew he was up to something big and today it was announced; RSSCloud and the implementation of RSSCloud with blogs and a plug-in for self hosted blogs.

HowTo: Rebooting the RSS cloud

For more on RSSCloud see the Read Write Web post: WordPress Just Made Millions of Blogs Real-Time With RSSCloud

I must say I’m glad to see FriendFeed still going strong after the recent Facebook acquisition. As for the RSSCloud news, personally I think it’s going to be a big deal being that CNN and other news outlets use Also in less than four hours we’re starting to see other feed readers implementing RSSCloud such as LazyFeed

PS: This is my first post after installing the RSSClould plug-in. Real-Time updates FTW!

What are your thoughts on RSSCloud?

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