iPhone 4 photos from SPARKcon Day 1 & 2: ideaSPARK + fashionSPARK

From SPARKcon.com

SPARKcon celebrates creativity in the NC Triangle.For 4 days, Raleigh’s Fayetteville St, public spaces, clubs and stages will be filled with art, music, dance, film, fashion, design and more. SPARKcon showcases local cultural richness through an open-source approach to collaboration and cross pollination. It’s completely grass-roots and by the people for the people!
SPARKcon is a program of Visual Art Exchange.

Thursday, kicked off SPARKcon with ideaSPARK and last night I attended fashionSPARK, here are a few photos from both events taken with my iPhone 4. Some photos [...]

Photo Gallery: Heroes, Villains and Special Effects from the Museum of Life and Science

Today at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC they held an exhibit focused on the science behind entertainment in the fields of special effects, make-up artistry, video game design, comic book art, and staged combat. My friend/partner and founder of TriOut Lawrence Ingraham had a booth setup for his iPhone and iPad kid application gaming business called Tantrum Apps. I stopped by the museum to show my support and got a chance to meet Dave L. @sonofalink and @TeddHuff as well as a chance to see a lot of awesome "Heroes, Villains and Special Effects".

Here's a list of the [...]

Can the Biltmore Estate use social media to enhance their offline experience? Photos and recap from the blogger outreach trip.

Last week I had the opportunity to be one the invited guest to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC for their Biltmore blogger outreach and social media event. I was joined by my wife @LaToyamsutton along with about 8 other bloggers and their families. The event was organized by Biltmore's Corporate Communications Manager, Jean Sexton @injeanius and some of the other bloggers who attended were @RealLifeSarah @IlinaP @StacieinAtlanta @pensieverobin @JenniferPerillo @mantripping @ManTripping @connerty. It was great to meet everyone and catch up with a few who I've known already.

Jean Sexton [...]

Caption contest! What was I thinking?

Wayne Sutton, Pimp, originally uploaded by Andy Ciordia.

This photo was taken at Social Fresh, a social media conference organized by Jason Keath in Charlotte, NC. Andy Ciordia snapped the photo but I can't remember what I was thinking at the time.

Leave a comment starting with "Wayne was thinking" and the best comment will win a prize. Maybe an iTunes gift card or something nice. :)

*Any offending comments will be removed but let's have some fun.

Thanks and Happy Labor day.

Update: Caption contest ends at 11:00 P.M. tonight

Update 2: Eric you can only have one more submission :)

Friday Fix: Using Charts to explain Social Media via flickr search

To some Social Media is easy to explain and you "get it"; to some if you hear the words "social media" one more time you're going to explode but for others not only don't you get it or see why the world is a buzz about social media but you may even need a chart or graph to understand social media, how it works and what sites are social media/networking sites.  If that's you just do a quick search for social media on flickr and you'll find a few charts that may help you out.  Here's three that may be useful to you.

Uploaded on June 9, 2008by fredcavazza

Uploaded on June 9, 2008 [...]

Social Networking Etiquette feedback from the community: the good, the bad and the just stop it!

Today I was interviewed by Fox News 8 ( Bob Buckly & Stewart Pittman @Lenslinger out of Greensboro, NC about Social Networking Etiquette. I was recommended to discuss the topic by Jennifer Ruggiero a long time twitter follower and friend who I recently met in real life at a Tweetup in Greensboro. As I prepared for the interview I made a few notes and asked via ping.fm the following question: What are some good & bad examples of Social Networking Etiquette that you have seen?

Below are my notes, a few other blog post on the same subject and some feedback I received from Brighkite,  [...]