Warning: Your tweets can and will be held against you

By now I'm sure you have read and at least heard about some of the tragic news from today. Also in the news at least on Twitter are tweets about music artist coming out about their sexuality and there's always a debate about religion, race and politics. No matter what your opinion is or how strong you feel about what's happening in today's society I always caution clients, friends and family be careful what you say online, especially Twitter as it can and will be held against you. Here are seven post with proof if you don't believe me.

1. Starting 10/10/2010, Twitter will begin [...]

Social Media Etiquette part 2, the good, the bad & the just stop it, hardcore edition. – episode 045

Today on Talk Social News, Kipp and Wayne discuss, Social Media Etiquette, the good, the bad, and just stop it, the hardcore edition.

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Social Networking Etiquette: The interview and questions. What would you do?

On Monday, I was interviewed by Fox News 8 ( Bob Buckly & Stewart Pittman @Lenslinger out of Greensboro, NC about Social Networking Etiquette. You can watch the entire interview and segment on social networking etiquette below.

We covered a lot of topics during the interview but Fox focused on a few questions.

  1. What should you do if you're boss want to add you as a friend on Facebook or any other social network?
  2. Have you ever been dumped on myspace or any other social network?
  3. What do you say when someone ask you, why are you tweeting or sharing your life using twitter or social [...]