The Obvious Reason To Focus On Minority Entrepreneurship To Create The Tech Workforce Of The Future

I would hope the world knows the tech workforce is lacking real diversity and inclusion. But just in case you haven't seen the numbers, it's something like this: Women make up an average of 11%, Latinos an average of 1% and African-Americans an average of 2%. Here's more data via Forbes and Fortune. Nothing that is nearly close to the US population. While shockingly to me is that many tech CEOs, investors, and engineers are still asking the question; why does this even matter or what is the real business case for diversity and inclusion. That's for another post

For startups/tech [...]

Weekend Read: 13 Articles For Entrepreneurs To Kick Start Your Success in 2016

For entrepreneurs the beginning of the year can mean you're off to the races with launching your new product, feature or back on the grind of fundraising.  It didn't take 2016 long for a new app to launch to send everyone in a name grab, get more followers frenzy with Peach(waynesutton) in week one. The blogs were back, with tech press covering CES and diversity and inclusion thought leaders continue to push for change.

Doubt The Doubts Podcast Interview: Helping The Next Generation Of Founders

Earlier this month I was interviewed by Paul Blais (@pdblais) Founder & Host of the Doubt The Doubts Podcast. The podcast is one of the top podcast in iTunes and focuses on "Killing The Doubts That Kill The Dreams". During the podcast we talked about the role of confidence, killing doubt and working with startup founders. Take a listen below and let me know what yo think.

My Favorite Instagram Photos from The Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference in Columbus, OH
Last week I had a chance to attend and speak at the annual Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference in Columbus, OH. It was my third year in a row speaking and attending the conference and my first time visiting Columbus, OH. Like the previous two conferences I had an amazing time. The quality of the content was great along with the receptions, parties and meeting new people along with catching up with old friends.

My topic for this year's conference was Taking Your Small Business Mobile, which you can see my [...]