8 Insights About The Coming Era Of Interactive Design – #techticker

As you watch, you’ll see a general consensus on a few really important points. They’d make a decent poster:

  1. Our phones demand too much attention, detracting from our real experiences.
  2. Analog metaphors are making less sense on digital devices.
  3. We’re waiting for new paradigms in experiencing media like text on screens.
  4. UX is a living, somewhat unpredictable thing. All experiences need to be fluid and flexible now.
  5. You shouldn’t just try to understand a product. You should try to understand its connected network.
  6. An “Internet of things”--countless connected sensors--is coming [...]

#techticker – A Look into Color Theory in Web Design

Unarguably one of the most important aspects of any design is its colors. Designers create the style of a site, as well as the movement it makes, the emotion it creates, and its purpose based largely upon the color choices they make. Colors are powerful tools and an important thing all designers should understand when creating websites.

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The Top 5 Website UX Trends of 2012

photo by NathanaelB

User interface techniques continued to evolve in 2012, often blurring the lines between design, usability, and technology in positive ways to create an overall experience that has been both useful and pleasurable.

1. Single-Page Sites
2. Infinite Scrolling
3. Persistent Top Navigation or “Sticky Nav”
4. The Death of Web 2.0 Aesthetics
5. Typography Returns

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