How did the cofounders of yobongo come up with the name … yobongo!

Yobongo! If you're lucky enough to be one of the early beta testers of the much anticipated location-based mobile startup then I'm sure you don't mind yelling Yobongo out loud and you get it. For others waiting to beta test are posting tweets with a sense of frustration, jealousy, all with a nervous sense of anticipation to see if Yobongo is going to live up to the hype. If you don't believe me just look a some of the tweets below.

Like many web/tech mobile startups, sometimes the hardest part of launching a startup after you come up with an idea is coming up with the name. This had [...]

First look at the new Yobongo commercial and screenshots to see why it could be the next big thing

I first wrote about Yobongo back in early January when it was seeking more beta testers quietly sparking interest from location-based geeks. A lot has changes since then. Yobongo now has a new logo and is one of the most anticipated startups to open to launch for the general public to test along with being predicted as one of the breakout apps of SXSW 2011 on Quora and other news sites. I've been lucky enough to be one of the few East Coast beta testers of Yobongo and I must say the app is great.

Yobongo is founded by Caleb Elston and David Kasper. Caleb is former VP Of Product of [...]