location-based applications – deals, check-ins and demographics – infographic

During the month of December I conducted a location-based marketing/applications survey from the readers of SocialWayne.com and The Location Based Marketing Association. My thanks to the 81 of you who responded to my LBS survey request going into the holidays. Here's the breakdown of your responses.

via SoicalWayne.com and The Location Based Marketing Association

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Other data not shown in the location infographic:

Favorite location-based marketing promotion of 2010:

Foursquare and [...]

Video: Dr. Jim Goodnight CEO of SAS on cloud computing, iPad, social media analytics & more. #SGF10

Yesterday at the SAS Global Forum in Seattle Washington, SAS launched their SAS Social Media Analytics product along with other announcements on the company's products and culture. The SAS Global Forum is the world’s largest gathering of SAS users, attended by more than 3,000 business and IT users of SAS software and solutions. During the forum I had chance to interview SAS's CEO Dr. Jim Goodnight along with a other members of the press. Watch the interview below as Dr. Jim Goodnight discussed his thoughts on Cloud Computing, SAS's new social media analytics product, handling data, the [...]

You Lie! Numbers do matter: How brands look for influencers on the social web

A few years ago showing your RSS subscribers numbers was a big deal for validating your blog success and/or readership. Fast forward to 2009 you'll see banner ads not saying how to get more blog readers but how to get more Twitter followers. I know you have heard the saying, "It's not about the numbers", I have said it before and I'm sure you have heard plenty of "social media speakers" say it before too. But when I talk to businesses and they ask me, how many followers I have and ask how can they reach my audience and gain the same amount of followers and more, it's tough to say, it's not [...]

Will Facebook open the data well and Verizon asking the iPhone can you hear me now? – epsisode 23

Today on Talk Social News we ask the questions; Will Facebook open the data well and Verizon asking the iPhone can you hear me now?

The Video

The podcast:
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Back in March during SXSW we had a chance to talk to Facebook's Dave Morin about what's next for Facebook. Take a look and let's see if it's on target with today's announcement.

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