BUILDUP Radio Episode 3 – What Angel Investors Look For In Founders with Manny Fernandez

“Ask for money, and get advice
Ask for advice, get money twice”
-- PitBull

One of BUILDUP goals is to connect founders with angel investors. One of the rising stars in the angel investment community is the highly connected Manny Fernandez. Many is the Co-Founder/ CEO of DreamFunded. DreamFunded is the only equity based platform that delivers top quality deals with completed due diligence reports to accredited investors, using proprietary algorithms to match member preferences to deal flow.

Manny Fernandez is a Stanford University educated angel investor and a serial [...]

How Crowdfunding Works – #infographic

Source: Crowdfunding: Where Dollars and Dreams Meet

Crowdfunding is the collective effort of individual donors or investors who pool their financial resources, typically online, to help fund or start a business, project or cause.
- Projects funded through sites like Kickstarter are posted with a financial goal and timeline. People make pledges for projects they want to support.
- When projects reach their financial goals, they are funded.

Crowdfunding sites

- Popular crowdfunding sites include Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Wefunder, Start Some Good, Rocket Hub, Rock the Post and [...]

Why Dalton Caldwell’s $500k Funded Misguides First Time Entrepreneurs But Teaches Everyone Valuable Startup Lessons At The Same Time

Somewhere in a coffee shop
Yeah... let’s celebrate! An entrepreneur just crowdfunded $500,000.00 to build the next big thing. Oh wait... No he’s building a Twitter clone. What? Do we really need another Twitter? But it’s going to be open, have an API and no Ads like Twitter was before they decided to start making tons of money. Um.. One more thing, it’s going to be real-time and for developers! Ok, so it’s Twitter meets Githup without the ads?

Let’s get a few things straight before I continue and don’t want to sound too much like a hater or sceptic about Dalton Caldwell’s [...]