Content Marketing infographic: The Content Grid to help you with your Content Strategy

Creating a valuable content strategy and knowing what websites and tools to use to increase your website traffic or for awareness can be challenging if you don't have a plan. Content strategy is something that shouldn't be taken lightly no matter if you're a beginning blogger, experience social media professional or a major brand. But after you have created your content what's next is content marketing.

To help you with content marketing the Jess3 team has created the content marketing infographic for a visualization of what tools are available.


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Raleigh SEO discusses Content Strategy FTW

Last night I attended a SEO meetup in Raleigh, NC led by Phil Buckley (@1918). Some of Phil's notes were from Kristina Halvorson's book and presentations on content strategy. As the session was wrapping up I mentioned how I have live video stream Kristian's SXSW talk, so I decided to repost it. It's a great presenation for the experienced or beginner blogger or indiviuals repsonsible for creating a content stratgy for clients. Also for a recap of the SEO meetup read Stacey Alexander's (@Stacey_Alex) recap post Creating a Content Strategy for SEO.

Photo by Warren Parsons

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