BlogWorld Video: How Twits Lay Golden Eggs – The Art of Social Engagement for Business #bwe09

BlogWorld Expo 2009 Session: How Twits Lay Golden Eggs - The Art of Social Engagement for Business

Session Description- How Twits Lay Golden Eggs: The Art of Authentic Engagement for Business Twitter has not only become an online communication phenomenon, but also an invaluable business tool. Learn how to utilize Twitter for business effectively without offending your target audience. Top tweeps will provide you with specific examples of how best to engage your network, tools and tips for sharing tweets creatively, as well as a Tweet Plan for streamlining your Twitter efforts!

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BlogWorld Notes: Internet Marketing For Smart People Panel at @blogworld #bwe09

Internet Marketing For Smart People

Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Chris Brogan

Story behind #Tribe3

Is email marketing dead?
No, email marketing drives traffic on days
Is a great connecting point
Is good for connecting the brand
Don't abuse your email newsletter
It's not cool to add me to your email newsletter if you receive an email from me.

Blogs going from your blog to "our" blog
Be a match maker and set your blog readers where they can interact with each other as much as possible
Being a part of a community is a privalge
The one sell marketing is the kiss [...]

Talk Social News Episode 21: Adam Wallace of Roger Smith Hotel talks social media in New York, plus cotweet, twickie, hulu vs boxe and facebook TOS noise

There's buzz about a hotel in New York that's tweeting, blogging and doing almost everything that a hotel could do to embrace social media. That hotel is called The Roger Smith Hotel @rogersmithhotel and they're hosting Social Media Breakfast events, they sponsored @NYCTwestivl, live streaming events and embracing the local NY local tech community. If you're like us, you wondered how they got started using social media and who's the man behind the tweets and movement. That man is Adam Wallace @adamjwallace and we had a chance to talk with him about the Roger Smith Hotel, how he got [...]