Save $1,000 off your next Mercedes-Benz with a foursquare check-In at The New York Auto Show

I'm a few days late on this post as I was traveling last week to attend Where 2.0 location conference but if you were lucky enough to attend the The New York Auto Show last week and wanted to save $1,000.00 off your next Mercedes-Benz all you had to do was check-in with foursquare. Awesome right?

Photo credit: 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG Gull Wing Photo by: ccho on flickr at the New York 2011 International Auto Show.

Here's a quote from the press announcement.

In its first-ever Foursquare promotional offer, geo-social users checking in at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan, NY, will be [...]

I just checked into your blog

At the core of location-based services is the term check-in. The act of checking in using location-based applications can announce to your friends and/or social graph that you are physically present at a location. From there a business/location owner can reward you for visiting the location or by publicly announcing that you’re at a location your friends may join you. The location could instantly turn into a hot spot with more of your friends joining you in a matter of minutes. Now, take the same concept and apply it to websites.

With most static websites there’s very little [...]

TriOut 2 Dev Journal: You can see your friends check-ins on Foursquare, Gowalla & Facebook too.

Guest Post by Lawrence Ingraham @lawpower, Founder/lead developer at TriOut. This is the ninth in a series of posts detailing the history, design and features of TriOut v2 for iPhone.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We've been absolutely slammed trying to get the app complete in time for the NC State Fair. (If you're in North Carolina, plan on coming by the State Fair on Thursday to take part in the TriOut scavenger hunt and say hi while you're there!)

We submitted the new app to Apple last Monday and hope to see it approved later this week. I thought I'd review some of the main [...]

Facebook Places: What are Facebook users saying about Places one week later

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It has been one week since Mark Zuckerberg along with the Facebook Location team stood on stage, told us scary stories about sharing life experiences around locations and announced Facebook Places. The announcement sent ripples through the location space as Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and MyTown each had a moment to share how excited they were to see Facebook launch Places and how they we're early beta testers of the places read/write API. After months of rumors and dealing with a backlash of privacy concerns from previous updates Facebook Places was now live.

What you really need to know about privacy and checking in using location-based apps

Location-based services are the “hot” topic on the social web with platforms such as @TriOut, @Foursquare, @Loopt, @Gowalla, @Yelp, @Whrrl and more. Millions of users are checking in, sharing their location, posting reviews and uploading photos in real-time. Recently I've read a few articles about foursquare stalkers and how others are quitting location-based apps all together due to local wanna be's social stalking, and still others are quitting location-based apps because they are receiving little or no value from checking in. Regardless, if you’re just learning about location-based [...]