Join us for Black History Month Twitter Chat #BHMChat – Friday at 3pm EST

February is a busy month with the Grammys, all star weekend and more, but it's also Black History month. As African-Americans rank as the top users using social media, I feel we're obligated to have a positive conversation celebrating Black History Month. With that being said I'm pleased to announce I'll be co-hosting Black History Month Chat #BHMChat with L. Martin Johnson Pratt aka [...]

Hill Harper makes history using social media. Hollywood takes a back seat to the web.

Tonight I felt like I was watching history in the making. I sat at my computer, watched James Andrews @keyinfluencer , host a live video show with famed movie, star and current CSI actor Hill Harper (@hillharper) and participated in an online chat with many other online friends who I’ve communicated with previously through the popular social networking site twitter. The show took place on Hill’s For Real Solution Ning social networking site along with a Meebo chat. The entire setup used, Ustream.TV for the live show, meebo embed chat, blogtalkradio for [...]

Why I owe twitter money & you do too. Plus my thoughts on the twitter business model.

Ok by now everyone should know what twitter is and how it works, if not watch this video Twitter in Plain english and if you still need help hire me for a one on one training session via @Tweetshops. But why is twitter creating all this buzz on the internet?  Some say twitter is just an online public version of an irc chat.

Twitter started being just a low key “microblogging” social network that only a few serious geeks used to share urls and information about what’s happening in the technology community. In the beginning a lot of the links and conversations were around Engadget, [...]

Talk Social News Episode 11:Talking social aggregation with Joel Longtine, engineer with SocialThing, how to turn your blog in to a book & according to Wired blogging is so 2004.

This week Talk Social News interviews Joel Longtine, engineer with SocialThing. Listen to what Joel has to say about social aggregation, life streaming and the what it was like to get purchased by AOL.

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 11 - length 29:33 download or click to play:[audio:TalkSocialNews0011socialthing.mp3] Subscribe to podcast in iTunes:

SocialThing is in private beta but if you would like an invite let us know in the comments or send a tweet to @talksocialnews saying: I would like an invite to @socialthing

For our “What the Blog” section of the podcast, we [...]