Video: Community, Basketball Legends and the Lower 9th Ward During the 2012 NCAA Final Four in New Orleans

While attending the 2012 NCAA Final Four in New Orleans with Buick, Hajj Flemings and myself wanted to visit the Lower 9th Ward to reflect on life, community and New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Just five miles down the road there was an entire community that was dealing with life after one of the nation's worst national disasters Hurricane Katrina that took place seven years ago. Buick captured our thoughts as we visited the area.

We felt strongly about telling this story from an outsiders perspective on the weekend of college basketball's biggest stage. Because telling this story [...]

I’m On The Road To The 2012 NCAA Final Four In New Orleans with Buick

Over the past few years I've been lucky enough to participate in a few major events. In 2010 I attended the Oscars with Kodak where I saw Steve Jobs and nearly feel out the bleachers yelling at him. Later in 2010 I worked with Ford to cover the Mustang 1000 lap challenge at Bristol Motor Speedway where I drove on the track and rode with NASCAR driver David Ragan. In 2011 lived in a house with seven other entrepreneurs in Mountain View, CA, where CNN filmed us for Black In America 4 that was watched by millions of viewers. Those experiences along with realizing that I think I have check into [...]