TriOut For Business explained. A location-based dashboard with messaging. By @LawPower

We are about to release some really exciting updates to TriOut for Business. The beta has been a great success and we have gotten feedback from those businesses that participated resulting in a number of enhancements and new features that add even more value for TriOut customers, both businesses and individuals. We will be sharing the details on the various plans with you over the coming weeks, along with some videos that show you how to use the service to enhance your sales and marketing efforts. If your business is not already listed in TriOut, please contact us and we'll be happy to [...]

Location based iPhone app mini review; Brightkite vs Foursquare vs Whrrl & what’s next?

For those of you who follow me on Twitter know what I'm a huge Brightkite fan. I've been using the service since it launched and was in private beta. I'm not sure what came next Whrrl or Loopt but when they were launched I decided to give them a try also but neither stuck with me like Brightkite as I found Loopt to be very "spammy" by sending out unwanted messages to my contacts and Whrrl web and mobile app user interface wasn't as easy to navigate or understand as Brighkite at the time. This was around mid year 2008. Since then a lot has changed for Loopt and Whrrl as for usability and [...]