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Q3 Venture Capital Report – “July Sees Biggest Month for VC Since the Dot Com Days”

Are we in a bubble or not is still a question many tech journalist are debating and investors are risking millions hoping we’re not to receive a significant amount of return on their investment. Only time will tell but we have data providing some insights that 2012 is peaking close to the venture capital market of the 2000s also known as the “dot com days”.

CB insights which provides tools for those engaged in private equity, venture capital, corporate development, investment banking, corporate innovation & strategy, angel investment and consulting provides recently posted their quarterly venture capital report (Q3 2012) which states that $7.5 billion was invested in 835 Companies. Let’s take a look at more data from the report to analyze the investment sector.

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Seed investing represented 31% of all VC deals. Mobile saw 42% of its deal volume at the Seed VC level. Healthcare also saw growth in Seed investing as well.

Both internet and mobile saw larger Seed VC medians hitting the $1 million mark for the first time suggesting that the frenzy for Seed VC investing is allowing entrepreneurs to raise larger seed rounds than in the past.

New York deal count hit five quarter high but is dominated by lots of small Seed VC deals (49% of deals). Although still very tech dominated, the quarter did see NY register signs of life in both green tech and healthcare which typically are nowhere to be found.

VCs clearly are positioning themselves for the next big wave they see in mobile. While big deals insecurity and payments buoyed funding totals, the deal breakdown by industry within mobile remains diverse. For the first time, Cali actually saw more activity to the mobile sector than Healthcare.

It’s an interesting time to be an entrepreneur and an investor with the market showing tremendous growth in the seed stage. Meaning if there’s a bubble it won’t replicate the days of the 2000s that caused the centure capital meltdown.

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