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Question: Which Quora users have the most followers? Answer: Ask QuoraTop


Hat tip to Louis Gray who posted about QuoraTop. QuoraTop provides a list of the Quora users who have the most followers. It’s like twitaholic but for Quora. Is this another sign that Quora is the next big thing? Maybe but that’s just tech bubble talk. Anyway, I thought Quora was all about questions and who could provide the best answers and not about who has the most followers… Louis said it best, “The second-most popular activity on the Internet (ego stroking)” .

Regardless, QuoraTop started because of the “Which Quora users have the most followers?” question on Quora and thus QuoraTop was born. QuoraTop was created by Matt Mastracci and is not affiliated with Quora.

Instead of who has the most followers on Quora what I would like to see is who has provided the best answer, or the most answers, or who has been thanked the most on Quora. All of those list including who has the most followers could come from Quora themselves via a soon to be announced API.

What type of Quora list would you like to see from Quora’s API?

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