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My iPhone SXSW group messaging / group texting app plans

iPhone group messaging apps

There’s a secret “SXSW facebook group” that I belong to and most of the conversation so far is about the parties and which apps to use to keep track of everything during SXSW interactive. Too much is happening this year and there’s no way to stay up-to-date with everything. You’re going to miss some parties, some panels, some meetups and some people. But with this year’s hot startup app topic group messaging / group texting apps they’re all hoping you’ll not miss anything by messaging your friends during the conference. This also means some of the best conversations may happen offline on mobile devices vs being on twitter or facebook.

With that being said here’s my unofficial iPhone SXSW group messaging /group texting app plans that I posted in the “secret SXSW facebook group” I’m going to check into the hotel room and have a hurricaneparty, invite a fastsociety to kik it in a beluga pod, then yobongo to nearby friends that will turn into a messageparty where you can groupme and yell HeyTell in Pingchat … see you in Austin!

Just kidding, but if you want to reach me during SXSW interactive just call or text (prefer text) at 919-816-2230.

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