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How to find the featured apps from Apple’s iPad commercials

Read: The best way to find featured apps from iPad commercials

As I look at my analytics to I’ve noticed an increase of people searching for iPad apps they see in the commercials. This is because of a few blog post about Twitter iPad apps and Apple’s latest iPad commerical that shows all of the native apps beside the Twitter web app. The six primary iPad commercial search terms I’m receiving traffic for are:

  1. ipad commercial apps
  2. ipad apps in commercial
  3. ipad apps from commercial
  4. apps in ipad commercial
  5. apps on the ipad commercial
  6. new iPad commercial apps

As I try to add value to my site, I want to make sure readers find what they’re looking for when they arrive here. I’m not sure why people start with Google first but to find the iPad apps that are featured in the iPad commercial they need to look no further than iTunes. There’s a banner ad that reads “Apps from iPad TV Ads” that links to this iTunes url: The banner ad then takes you the iTunes window below where you can find all of the iPad apps from Apple’s iPad commercials.

itunes Apple iPad apps tv commercial

If you missed it, here’s Apple’s latest iPad commercial:

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