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infographic – online reputation by the numbers and why reputation management is important

No matter if you’re a large brand or a small business I believe everyone should manage and monitor their online reputation. The team at Digimind created a statical infographic outlining online reputation by the numbers.

A few key statics from the online reputation by the numbers infographic is that 76% of US retailers said user-generated content will have greater impact on their marketing goals in the future. Reputation risk is ranked first among risk priority for company mangers, along with 58% of executives believe the risk of reputation should be addressed by the management committee but only 15% monitor their online reputation.

Source: Digimind

Another important static from the infographic is that more than 80% reputation damage risk comes from a mismatch between the buzz and reality. Clearly giving an important reason why you should always monitor your brands reputation.

What tools do you use to manage your online reputation?

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