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Twitter Hashtag Stats: #28daysofdiversity reaching thousands and who’s blogging about it.

Before announcing the 28 Days of Diversity project I was a little nervous to how the community and my peers would feel about it. But after one week, 8 blog post in and hundreds of tweets it seems like most think it’s a good idea. As I’m monitoring the conversations around the project I’m keeping an eye on the official hashtag for the project which is #28daysofdiversity and I’m real thankful to the community and fellow Twitter friends for the retweets. Check out some of the social media stats wich includes, reach, sentiment, and contributors from the first seven days of the 28 Days of Diversity project.

TweetReach: Results for #28daysofdiversity
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#28daysofdiversity - Social Mention search

#28daysofdiversity - What the Hashtag?!


Also there have been a few blog post blogging about the 28 Days of Diversity project, take a look below.

You can also keep up with the project on BlackWeb 2.0 as Angela Benton and team are cross posting the series on .

If you blog about the project be sure to leave a comment with your link below or send a tweet to @WayneSutton so I can add it to the list. Thanks