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Foursquare has a grader too! Measure Your @Foursquare Mojo with FourSquare Grader by @HubSpot

Measure Your FourSquare Mojo | FourSquare Grader

Many of you are aware of Twitter Grader made by Hubspot that measures how Influential you are on Twitter. Now with Foursquare being labled as the next big thing, HubSpost has launched FourSquare Grader in beta. The Foursquare Grader goal is to measure your “Foursquare Mojo”. Hey that’s what the page title says.

How it works:
After allowing Foursquare Grader to access your profile it will give you the following information:
Your “Grade” compared to other Foursquare users.
Account Summary
Badge Summary
Suggested Next Badge
Mayorship Summary
Measure Your FourSquare Mojo | FourSquare Grader

To find your Foursquare grade just go to

Do you think we’ll continue to see third party measurement tool access FourSquare’s Api for similare user measurement analysis?

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