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Confirmed iPad Camera Connection kits available at Apple Stores at least in Raleigh, NC

Over the weekend some of the blogs were reporting that a few Apple Stores had started receiving shipments of the iPad Camera Connection Kit. So immediately I started calling the local Apple Stores in Raleigh and Durham initially with no luck.

But what do you know, it’s Tuesday after 10:00 AM and the Apple Store in Raleigh, NC have the iPad Camera Connection Kits in stock. I figured if the camera connection kits sells out as fast as the Apple cases do, I better try to buy one asap.

So how does it work? Great, check out the photo below. It was imported from my iPhone to my iPad using the kit. Also I’ve read that the connection kit will support USB audio headsets. I’ll give that a try later. Now if they hurry up and jailbreak the iPad I’m sure we’ll have USB camera support soon!

FYI, the case & other iPad connection kit is for moms; @gwensutton on Twitter.

Do you have the iPad connection kit yet?

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Location:Glenwood Ave,Raleigh,United States

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