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QR Codes and augmented reality continue to evolve with Daqri

Looking to see what role QR Codes will have with augmented reality then take a look at Daqri. It’s a new startup that will display custom augmented content after a user scans a QR Code. Cool right? It also reminds me of the “earthmark” technology the guys at Mirascape are using to do something similar. Regardless take a look at the Daqri demo video below.

Daqri had one of the whizziest demos at the Launch conference. This company makes an augmented reality service that overlays 3D images onto the real world through a smartphone, using QR codes as the anchor. In other words, point your iPhone running the Daqri app at the right matrix barcode, and a floating 3D (possible moving) image will appear on the phone’s screen. We’ve seen this effect in magazines and some ads already; Daqri is just trying to institutionalize the function.

Via Daqri connects QR codes to augmented reality | Rafe’s Radar – CNET News.

Have you scanned a QR Code to display augmented content before?

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