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How to use QR Codes to check-in with Facebook, Foursquare and Gowalla at the same time.

QR Code check-in signs

As you know I’m a huge advocate of QR Codes. I believe that between QR Codes, RFID tags and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies, QR Codes will have the largest impact, making it easier for people to check-in using location-based services. At least I’m betting on it. While working on TriOut version two (aka world edition), Lawrence Ingraham and I decided to build a QR Code Reader into the app, but that’s just one part of the QR Code implementation. The second part of incorporating QR Codes with TriOut was adding a custom check-in QR Code generator to the analytics section of TriOut, (aka TriOut For Business).

By adding custom QR Codes to TriOut for Business we allow any verified business to create a check-in QR Code for their location. This not only works for store fronts but for mobile food trucks, conferences, trade shows and locations that may want to direct customers to check into multiple areas inside of their buildings, what we call micro-check-ins. It’s easy to setup and implement as well. First you verify your location on TriOut.

TriOut for Business - Local Advertising and User Engagement

After verifying your location you can log into TriOut for Business and click on the QR Code generator.

TriOut For Business

Next click on the map where you’d like to create the custom location for each QR Code

Custom TriOut check-in QR Code

After you have created your custom check-in QR Code, you can download and print the check-in QR Code for signs, window clings and/or posters. To check-in just have your customers use TriOut to scan the QR Code to check-in. What’s great about using TriOut iPhone app and QR Codes is that it simplifies the check-in process, provides verification/accuracy and can still allow users to check into multiple services at the same time.

By using TriOut version two iPhone app, you’re not limiting your customers to just one location-based platform, as TriOut supports checking into Facebook Places, Foursquare and Gowalla too. Now, not only can you use TriOut and QR Codes to check-in but your customers are not limited to one service and a business can offer check-in specials/deals/coupons and measure the results with one platform.
You can download TriOut free from the iTunes App store here: or verify your location here:

If you think NFC, RFID or any other technologies will assist in location-based services going main stream, fill out the location survey here.


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