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BlogWorld Notes: Sponsored Conversations panel. What does the Tweets say

Social media success stories panel
Sponsored Conversations:

Panelist(s) Jeremiah Owyang (Moderator), Ted Murphy, Wendy Piersall
Panel Goal: To identify the goals of sponsored blogging. Pros and cons

What are sponsored conversations:
When a brand or advertiser give a product to a blogger to blog about it in an editorial conversations.
During the session they used the tag #sponblog

Wayne Sutton (waynesutton) on Twitter

bigguyd: why not. As long as it&#39s a product u believe in and you&#39re not just schilling for free schwag. #bwe09

about 42 minutes ago

DeirdreReid: My qu, what reasons do ppl have to do it? Just make $? Seems so whorish. But it&#39s a free country. #bwe09 #sponblog

about 45 minutes ago

haveAwonderful: i think folks get too bent out of shape about sponsors, disclosures, etc. everyone is always selling something. when passing…

about 52 minutes ago

waynesutton: Question: What are your thoughts on sponsored conversations/blog post/tweets are you in favor of it? Yes or No & why? #bwe09 #sponblog

about an hour ago

PS: This was a

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