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Anthony Frasier and Tiffani Ashley Bell are the new face of Black Startups

NewME Accelerator 2011 Cycle 1

Great post from Curtiss Pope, CEO/Founder of Aislefinder a NewME Accelerator startup participate about Anthony Frasier founder of Playd where he calls Anthony the new face of Black Startups. If you’re wondering why, wait until you see Anthony in Black In America 4 on Sunday. Here’s an excerpt from the post.


I remember going over to the NewMe startup house ,and almost each time I was leaving; talking with him about a range of things: girls, music, tech, gaming, the new things he was learning about Silicon Valley.

Over the course of the summer, I started noticing things about him:

Anthony was the only one in the house that didn’t have a MacBook Pro.

Although he did have an iPad, he never bent into the social geek pressure of having that big Apple logo emblazoned on his rig.

He is just COOL.

Ask anyone that got to know him, and this is the word that they describe him with.

Gaming is his forte.

Anthony had this ability to get people excited about gaming. Even a guy like me who doesn’t even play.

Anthony¬†doesn’t look back.

NewME Accelerator 2011 Cycle 1

I would say the same thing about Tiffani Ashley Bell, founder of Pencil You In except she has a MackBook Pro; in terms of coolness and getting people excited about their startup and entrepreneurship. I’m excited for the both of them. Two young black tech entrepreneurs that you’ll see a lot of in the years ahead.

While Curtis is a humble entrepreneur himself, I believe that he’s on to something big with Aislefinder and don’t forget about Chris with too. Heck, just check out all of the NewMe Accelerator 2011 startups here:

Much success to everyone!

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