6 Recent Startup Blog Post Every Tech Founder Should Read

As if there are not enough advice on startups and raising money or failed launches to read on the internet but over the past week some investors and entrepreneurs posted some great content. Here are 6 Recent Startup Blog Post Every Tech Founder Should Read

1. How to Convince Investors

2. Investor Herd Dynamics

3. 5 Steps to $5,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue

4. 3 Lessons from My Almost Failed Launch

5. From a Mailchimp email and Wufoo form to $25k in 3 month

6. The 1 Question To Ask When You Meet Fellow Bootstrappers

If you read any good startup blog post recently [...]

57 Startup Lessons – #27 and #28 – Features and Paying Customers

Slava Akhmechet, wrote a great article called the 57 startup lessons. As I've been building PitchTo lessons number 27 and 28 really hit home about choosing features and will people pay for the service or those features. I agree with Slava's 27 and 28 point.

27. Ask two questions for every product feature. Will people buy because of this feature? Will people not buy because of lack of this feature? No amount of the latter will make up for lack of the former. Don’t build features if the answer to both questions is “no”.

28. Build a product people want to buy in spite of rough edges, [...]