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Twitter user @FashionistaChik asked me about those sometimes “pesky” but effective slide in WordPress plugins you see on many popular blogs. I recently was looking for one myself for and found three.

1. Slide In from Wpmudev
2. SimpleReach Slide
3. End of Page Slide Box

If you would like more control on what content to slide in then End Of Page Slide box is suggested. If you would like for post to be automatically selected then Slide in or SimpleReach works. SimpleReach comes with built in twitter and Facebook sharing as well. I’m using SimpleReach and will sometimes override it with End of Page depending on the context of the post.

social media marketing infographic
Source: Udemy Blog

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Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health and parenting. Beside this she is fond of eating. Recently an article on Nokia Lumia 800 attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Racing Games For Kids.

Have you ever come across deals like discount on purchase for a copy of a tweet or for liking a Facebook profile of a company? What could happen if you like Dell’s Facebook profile to Dell in reality? What is there for Coke to encourage Facebook profile? These are at the end of the day only intangible and binary signals confined within servers and networks. And answer is web 2.0 or interactive capabilities of today’s World Wide Web. User generated content is becoming tools for marketing in both B2C and B2B segments.

But who and why should spend?
All most anybody willing to draw public attention can spend – Barrack Obama did it in presidential election and Ford do it for their cars. Social media allows companies, organizations to spread brand awareness and increase customer engagement.
Companies spend millions of dollars on market research activities every year. But social network sites and forums provide endless opportunity to interact with customers and to understand their psyche at fractional cost. Besides, you can earn commitment if engage the customer around the branding activity. Reviews and remarks generated by customers work as marketing content for other left out prospects and customers.

But even a deep pocket corporate also needs to budget its spending. And despite so many cost efficient benefits it’s not easy to budget social media optimization. Part reason is lack of effective parameters that link money spent to money earned directly and the other part is slow action of optimization initiatives.
Other than budgeting, another common problem with SMO is how to distribute the allocated fund. Too much stress on campaign eats up fund for customer engagement process. This results in less than expected return on investments.
For these reasons, often companies drag their feet when budgeting for social media marketing. Even most willing marketing officers often suffer from over-budgeting or under-budgeting. To avoid such problem you can try few useful tips to streamline your social media initiative.

Separate budgeting
Make separate budget for different activities like, campaign, customer engagement, customer care etc. And don’t let one activity to eat up fund allocated for other activities.

Activity planning
We all know social media is a very fast changing medium. But for proper budgeting and fund use you must have a plan for future optimization strategy for near future. This would help you to allocate fund properly.

Introspection first
What worked for Ford may not yield for you. Try to understand your customers, prospects and brand reach. Every brand has its niche and it is important to understand that before you plan your strategy.

No magic
Social networking sites don’t give you any magic wand. It is absolutely legitimate if you find social media not much promising for you. You can restrict yourself within digital marketing only.

Wise parameters
Be wise when deciding on what test parameters to use to check effectiveness of your media effort. Try to rely less on paid media and stress more on earned media. Millions of followers won’t earn you dollar if they don’t shell out money to buy your product. Try to build and nurture even a small base of engaged followers.

CMOs must understand time is the most valuable input to skim optimum benefit from the social media marketing. And how much time you can afford would be major determinant of your budget. How much to spend is not important in SMO; what is most important is how long you can afford to spend. So, be careful to spend evenly across a long time horizon for better brand engagement and sales conversions.

Infographic: The Future of Blogging & Social Media Marketing

Sometimes I just chuckle and just shake my head when I see tweets or hear complaints and rants about how QR Codes suck, or don’t use QR Codes for this or that and my personal favorite, NFC is better than QR Codes, especially when it comes from “thought leaders” or a super savvy “social media guys/gals”. I chuckle because there’s a huge educational curve for QR Codes to go main stream in the USA but they have taken off and proven valuable as when have seen over the years in Japan/China with all of their smart technology. Personally I think the biggest problem for some marketers is that no one person can claim to “own” the QR Code space and you can’t put QR Codes in a box to say, QR Codes are only good for one thing because QR Codes have various use cases. See 101 Ideas for Using QR Codes.

Also using QR Codes for marketing/promotion in any type of campaign requires more than just thinking of tweets and things to say to make you sound cool. Using QR Codes requires thinking about the time and location of where a QR Code may be seen offline. It requires working with various teams about creating smart, fast, valuable mobile content. It requires thinking about mobile users, social users and offline users along with existing marketing efforts. It requires thinking about in-dept /instant mobile analytics. Thus is one of the reasons I think we have seen a lot of bad QR Code examples so far.

During my recent travels and keeping an eye on QR Code usage in the wile I came across a few smart ways major brands, music artist and publications are using QR Codes. Below are a few photos and examples after I scanned some of the QR Codes with my iPhone app.

1. 2011 Ford Explorer magazine QR Code with Kevin Hart.

Ford Explorer QR code campaign
After you scan the QR Code you’re sent to a mobile content/video page.
Ford Explorer QR code campaign

2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport QR Code ad

ATL QR Code campaign

After you scan the QR Code you’re sent to an airport mobile directory page.
ATL QR Code campaign

3. Download load the Delta app QR Code print ad:

Delta QR code print ad

4. American Heart Association QR Code Kroger sign

American Heart Association QR Code kroger ad

After you scan the QR Code you’re sent to the American Heart Association local information mobile site.
American Heart Association QR Code kroger ad

5. deliver magazine QR Code

(note the qr code is on the back but I photoshopped it on the front)
After you scan the deliver QR Code you’re sent to a mobile deliver website
Deliver magazine QR code scan

6. Download the Redbox app using QR Codes


7. Starbucks, Lady Gaga, Srch QR Code Digital scavenger hunt

Starbucks srch qr code
More on this later but check out the Starbucks qr code frappuccino scan video below via QR Codes Anywhere blog.

To sum it up out of the seven QR Code marketing examples we have.
Scan the QR Code to download a mobile app (2x)
Scan the QR Code to see a promotional video and learn more information about a product.
Scan the QR Code for additional magazine or location or venue information
Scan the QR Code to start a digital scavenger hunt

Note if you’re looking for a fast QR Code reader/scanner iPhone app try my app here.

What are some other creative ways you have seen QR Codes being used recently?

Mobile, along with social and local, will be one of the largest drivers for Groupon’s deals business over the next few years.

Groupon VP Mobile Partnerships Michael Shim said: “Mobile is huge for Groupon…I believe we could see us doing 50 percent of deals sold/purchased in the next couple of years.”

via Groupon Sees Half of All Sales Coming From Mobile in Two Years | Tricia Duryee | eMoney | AllThingsD.

The psychology behind the motivations of brand advocates – Infographic

via [Infographic] The Actions, Motivations and Influence of Brand Advocates « BzzAgent Blog – Social Marketing Insights.